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A little food for thought………..

I came across this great little article on another photographers blog,  and she gave me permission to share it with you all.  Just a little food for thought when choosing a professional photographer to capture your memories………..

Art and Accidents…
I heard a panel of speakers at my convention
last week speaking about many different things but one thing that stuck
in my mind and is yet to leave is this:


the availability of digital cameras these days, there is such a trend
right now to say, "oh, I am a photographer too." I hear it all of the
the time from people where ever I go. I think in a way it has affected
the industry a bit. Anyone can eventually get a great picture if they
take enough images but really knowing the technical aspects of
photography, lighting, and how to really work your camera and what
lenses to use WHEN, is what sets a professional apart from an amateur.

are the things that we as photographers do day in and day out that are
consistent and well done each and every time. That is what makes
someone a professional. Be sure that you look for these things when
choosing YOUR photographer.

In the past year, I have had
several clients commission me to do pictures that for them are a REDO.
WHY? Because they wanted to spend less money by going elsewhere to
someone who called themselves a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, but did not
end up having the skills to back that title up. As a result, their
pictures did not turn out and they were then coming to me after all to
get their pictures redone. In the end, they are spending way more money
than if they had gone to a PRO to begin with.

Does it always pay
to go the cheaper route? The answer is NO! When it comes to an OVERALL
EXPERIENCE, SKILLS, and QUALITY…. I am a FIRM believer that you get
what you pay for. Please keep this in mind when choosing your future
photographer. Especially when you are needing images captured from a
moment in time that you just cannot get back(ie. a newborn baby, your
wedding day).

Do your research.
Analyze their work. What have you heard about them? Is it good? Is it
bad? Look at the BIG pictures on their walls. Is the quality good? Are
the images in FOCUS? Are there NO BIG PICTURES(a huge red flag IMO).  Do
they have a great website to showcase their style and work. These are
all things that one should look at when making an investment in their
photographer. Are their prices too good to be true? Then, they probably
are. On average, my studio puts in approximately 12-15 hours per client
from the very first session, to the proofing, post processing, the
ordering appointment, retouching, final printing and actual delivery to
the client. It is an investment.

I consider myself an artist.
I consider the images I provide my clientele with to be art for their walls.
I consider it an investment in their future. I consider the images I
create something that will be of good quality 80 years later as well as
something that one will not be able to put a price on in the future
because of its sentimental value alone.

Choose your artist
wisely. Suffering the classics(knowing what you are doing) is what
makes the difference between art and accidents.

Just a little food for thought.

Hope you got something out of that, I certainly did.

Have a good one!

And I promise to be a better blogger, I’ve missed rambling on to you guys.

Shelley - March 30, 2008 - 11:41 am

I recently made some people VERY angry when blogging about this very issue. VERY well said!!

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