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My Cup is Half Empty/Cup is Half Full Day…..

or otherwise known as "Perspective on a busy day"…….

- I’m so busy that I can’t see straight at the moment
- But that means that I have met so many beautiful little kidlets and their mummies and daddies lately

- There is water all over my bathroom floor
- But Fraser had so much fun playing Night at the Museum with his bath toys

- I feel like I am always driving to and from dancing
- But Olivia is breathtakingly wonderful to watch dance

- We have to drive 9 hours tomorrow
- But we get to spend 9 hours catching up as a family

- It’s hot so my Easter Eggs will melt in the car
- But then I get to go and buy more and eat the melted ones LOL

- Staying with the in-laws and other family in cramped conditions
- But we get to watch family lavish love on our babies

- There is still so much packing to do
- But whatever we forget we can just buy while we are away, hehe

- It’s such a long trip
- But we get to bop along to our favourite songs and sing ridiculously loud

- I have to take some work away with me
- When I get back I will be all caught up (yeah right LOL)

I so want to be grumpy and whinge at the end of what was a busy, long day.  But really, when you tuck your babies into bed and they slip their little arms around your neck and give you a kiss you’ve just got to realise, there really isn’t much to whinge about……………….

What was your half full/half empty day like?

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