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Olivia’s 14th Birthday Masquerade Party | baby photographer canberra

What a busy and wonderful few days it has been.  Today is my daughter Olivia’s 14th Birthday.  It is so hard to believe that the little perfect baby I held in my arms the day she arrived into this world is now 14 and sooooo very perfect and wonderful.  The years fly by so fast that I feel my children almost slipping through my fingers and I’m getting rope burn trying to hang on to these last remaining years of their childhood.  With that said, I’m also so very excited for Olivia to be entering this new phase of young womanhood.  Watching her trying to push the boundaries drives me crazy but at the same time shows me that she is growing up.  Watching her blossom into exactly the kind of daughter/sister/granddaughter/friend that I always dreamed she would is the greatest blessing. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I love parties, especially ones with a theme.  I can spend weeks and months planning the details – obsessing over crazy details that most people wouldn’t even consider.  Some might say I have a bit of an OCD problem with over the top planning.  I like to call it – being organised but either way I admit to loving to plan a party.  It’s getting harder for the control freak in me with Olivia though since she seems to think she should have a say in her party planning now – how rude hahahaha.  So after much planning and lots of fun last night was her Masquerade Party.

It all started with the mask – everything after that was themed around the colours and style of the mask…

IMG_0021 webcopy

Olivia had decided that party dresses and high heels were the order of the day.  The girls are all still too young to wear heels “out” so they thought it was a wonderful opportunity to put on some ridiculously high (and I do mean ridiculously high) heels and hobble around in pretty dresses.  I had thought about getting the parents to sign “indemnity forms” on the way in the door in case someone broke an ankle – I didn’t want to be sued hehe.

These are the heels Olivia chose.  Yes don’t say it – how could I let her get such dangerous shoes?  My answer is – it’s all about smiles on faces people hehe.

IMG_0017 webcopy

The dress came next and was absolutely perfect.  She looked soooooo stunning, a mumma could weep just looking at her beauty.  So pretty.  Lucky the daddy went out of town with Fraser for the night, he may have had a heart attack if he saw her looking so grown up.

Ladies and gentlemen – MY BEAUTIFUL 14 YEAR OLD DIVA

She doesn’t look a thing like me (thank goodness) and although she is taller than me normally, those heels made me look positively teeny tiny next to her.

The cake – well whilst I was happy with the way it turned out I already know what I could’ve done better and that just drives me to create something more exciting next year.  Olivia loved it though and really in the end that is the most important thing.

IMG_0003 webcopy

Even when you are 14, you still love a lolly bag right.

IMG_0011 webcopy


The girls were like vultures and I found it really hard to get pictures of the food to be honest.  No sooner had I put a plate down and they were “inhaling” everything.  I really did make a ridiculous amount of food – what can I say – I love to feed people.  I show people my love with food I think haha.  Liv and I went backwards and forwards over the menu, arguing, negotiating and finally agreeing on something we could both be happy with.  A mixture of stuff – all bite size if possible – sweet and savoury cold stuff to start, then all the yummy hot food and last but not least – the delicious dessert table which was Liv’s special request for the evening as she is a total sweet tooth.

Some mask cupcakes, these were adorable.

The Dessert Table after I beat a few girls back to get this photo.  I had just put the last plate down and they swarmed in like ants before I could get the perfect “untouched and ungobbled” shot.  This one will have to do, you can’t see all of the desserts but you can get the idea.  I really enjoyed creating all of this stuff, I love “little food” and desserts are so much fun to create in little format. 

The obligatory cake/candle shot

Look at the heels.  There were a few flats thrown in but overall they had some serious heel action going on and to their credit, most of them managed to keep them on the whole time.  Very impressive.  They danced up a storm to all the latest music, most especially One Direction who they all seem to adore.  I was banned from dancing, oh how I love to dance.  I did manage to sneak in a few smooth moves whenever Olivia was out of the room much to the giggles of her friends.  Near the end of the night though their favourite (and sadly mine) One Direction song came on and I couldn’t resist doing a few “shimmies” but then one of the dad’s arrived to pick up and I was caught on the dance floor.  He may never recover from the experience hahahahaha.

After everyone left, my dear friend and amazing helper for the night, her daughter, Olivia and I had our own little One Direction dance party where we invented some moves that the world has yet to see (and probably it’s best left that way) hahaha.  What a wonderful night, totally worth all of the effort and I can’t wait to do it all again next year – if she’ll let me.

Happy Birthday Dancing Diva girl.  Mwah!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly - June 3, 2012 - 5:30 am

Lisa, your pride in Olivia just shines through. What a lovely memory for both of you. Happy birthday, Princess!

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